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Early Intervention
Phoneme Awareness

Early intervention makes a significant difference in the long term reading abilities of children. Without intervention, the "reading gap" between struggling readers and their peers will continue to widen. 

Most children who become poor readers experience early and continuing difficulties in learning how to accurately identify printed words.

Greater intensity and duration of instruction is required because the increased explicitness of instruction for children who are at risk for reading failure requires that more things be taught directly by the teacher.

According to Gillon (2004), “Phoneme awareness performance is a strong predictor of long-term reading and spelling success and can predict literacy performance more accurately than variables such as intelligence, vocabulary knowledge, and socioeconomic status".

Although some children and adults have a definite natural phoneme weakness (the ability to focus on and manipulate sounds), the good news is that phonemic awareness can be taught and learned. The scientific evidence proves that PA instruction has a significant positive effect on both reading and spelling.

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Shelley MacMillan Education
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